How to Increase Property Value as a Real Estate Investor

As a real estate investor, you want to be able to increase the property value of your properties as much as you can. If you make use of specific methods, you should be able to get the most out of your investment. Read on to explore how you can increase your property value as a real estate investor. These methods won’t be too hard to implement, and they should really pay off in the end. 

Clean the Property Thoroughly

Cleaning the property thoroughly is the first thing that you should do when you’re looking to make improvements. Clean the home on the outside and the inside to make sure that it looks great. Some investment properties might have issues that will need to be addressed. Make sure that you take the time to clean things up before you start thinking of selling it or renting it out. 


A little bit of paint can transform a home into something more beautiful. If you want your property to increase in value, then you should always try to make it as presentable as possible. Take the time to paint the home so that it looks the best that it can. This will help you to get more out of the property when it comes time to sell it off. 

Give the Property More Curb Appeal

You want your property to stand out in a positive way from the road. Taking the time to increase the curb appeal of your property will make a difference. Plant some flowers and plants to add a bit of charm to your property. You can also consider how the shutters look, whether the deck is presentable, and other options that can help to increase the curb appeal. 

Update Flooring

If your property has older flooring at the moment, then you might want to make some changes. Get rid of the old carpeting and buy something new that will look visually appealing. You could also consider buying hardwood flooring or some other type of flooring. Improving the flooring situation in the home will increase property value, and it’ll make it easier to get buyers interested in the house when you’re looking to sell. 

Get New Siding

Getting new siding can be very helpful as well. If you want the value of your property to increase, then new siding will help you to accomplish just that. The house will look a lot nicer with new siding, and it’ll add a lot to the value of the home. This will cost you a bit of money, but it should be worthwhile since it adds value to the house while making it something that will appeal more to the buyers. 

from Moss Sidell | Real Estate Attorney

Author: Moss Sidell

At Sidell Law Offices, we provide over 30 years of legal experience in Real Estate Law. Given the extremely difficult economic times that we face, Sidell Law Offices is ready to assist you to help solve your pressing financial needs. Sidell Law Offices is committed to providing you with the same legal experience and services as you would find in a large law firm, charging large fees. Our clients are our first and only priority, and the service our clients receive is unparalleled. Moss M. Sidell Mr. Moss Sidell received his J.D. Degree from Suffolk University in 1987 following receiving his B.S. Degree from Boston College. Moss Sidell began his career in the real estate business in 1981 in Boston and has owned or been a part of brokerage firms, construction companies and real estate development firms. Moss Sidell began his legal career as corporate in-house counsel for a large public corporation. Moss Sidell has twice been named a Super Lawyer in Boston Magazine in 2004 and 2005 for being in the top 5% of real estate lawyers in Massachusetts. Moss Sidell has been a Divisional and State volunteer Officer of the International Council of Shopping Centers, an international retail real estate trade group that boasts more than 55,000 members. Moss Sidell opened his own law practice in 1992 and has represented a number of individuals, lenders, and corporations in the areas of real estate. Over the last two years, Moss Sidell has helped hundreds of clients with their mortgage problems. Staff Sidell Law Offices, P.C. employs a professional staff of professionally trained Marketing Consultants, Legal Assistants and Marketing Coordinators all supervised directly by Attorney Sidell.

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